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Oven diner - "The Special II" for only 48,00 €

The "all inclusive" offer
A complete oven diner experience with drinks included*, delicious starter plate and a choice of desserts …

* Following drinks are included from 7.30 p.m. till 11.00 p.m.:

Beer, wine, cherry liqueur, schnapps, Winter’s herbs (liqueur), orange juice, water, cola, sprite.

At the beginning we serve a starter plate with various delicacies.

Filled with crispy pork knuckles and ducks, smoked pork chop in bread, Angus hip and legs of lamb the oven comes to you. We remove the meat from oven and cut it up.

We offer sliced, with onions, cream and herbs seasoned and in oven stewed potatoes au gratin, rosemary potatoes and a hearty vegetable.

You can choose your favorite salad from a salad buffet with delicious salads and suitable dressings. 

After the rich meal we serve a choice of desserts.

For only 44,00 per person


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